Thursday, April 11, 2013

IOU Project | Kavita Parmar

Kavita Parmar is a fashion designer, serial entrepreneur, founder and creative director of the IOU Project. In her talk she stresses the importance of Loving one's Work as a crucial ingredient for an healthy and creative life.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tentative Collective | Karachi

The 'Tentative Collective' is a nomadic collective of people who share resources to create critical works of art in public places. These works of art aim to excite the public imagination and create new spaces for social engagement. Our projects strive to be collaborative, site sensitive, and inclusive to different strata of society. We value free public space, engage in the reclaiming of what should be collective property, and strive to make something special out of makeshift, tentative and mundane opportunities in everyday life.

Based in Karachi, Pakistan and Albany, New York, the 'Tentative Collective' wants to create conceptually rich experiences to engage with and explore the cities we inhabit.

New leaders can propose and coordinate projects, using the collective as a support network that can be mobilized to get projects executed quickly. All works made as part of the collective will be co-owned by the project leader and the collective. In this way the group will be flexible and open to new ideas and new members to promote an infectious creativity that can cross boundaries.

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