Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am Gurgaon. The new Urban India | Documentary

The shining facades of Gurgaon, a satellite city of New Delhi, are symbols of Indias unparalleled economic growth. Gurgaon was built at the turn of this century by the largest project developers in the world. A village 15 years ago, has now grown into a city of 1,4 million inhabitants, but with little or no infrastructure. How viable is this new type of city?

Residents of the gated communities of this privatized society offer insights in their hope, desires, and in the new self-confidence of the Indian middle class. Gradually it becomes clear what the consequences of the credit crisis and the growing gap between rich and poor are for the city and the psyche of its inhabitants.

Gurgaon: a Ponzi Scheme or the prototype for future mega cities as they will be found all over India within a few decennials?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alwar Balasubramaniam | Sculptor

Alwar Balasubramaniam's sculpture plays with time, shape, shadow, perspective: four tricky sensations that can reveal -- or conceal -- what's really out there. At TEDIndia, the artist shows slides of his extraordinary installations.

Alwar Balasubramaniam's work aches to express the overlooked, the invisible, the inexpressible. Quiet white sculptural forms, hung on a wall, unlock philosophical questions as one watches the light pass over them. What is their form, and what is their shadow? What are those mysterious white hands reaching for, around the corner and through the wall?

Trained in painting and printmaking, Balasubramaniam has been experimenting with a range of materials (fiberglass, wax, gold) to create sculptural works that bring forth his ideas and his search process. His work is often very tactile, very physical, but it symbolizes an exploration of big questions: what defines the self? what confines us? how do light and shadow shape our view of the world?

"Mr. Balasubramaniam, self-taught as a sculptor, is young, savvy and in the middle of a spurt of growth. It could take him anywhere, but there’s already a lot here."
Holland Cotter, New York Times

Tees Maar Khan | First Look

MASI thinks this definitely is the ITEM SONG OF THE YEAR.
Let's give it to Sheila and her jawaani (rising young age).

Film - Tees Maar Khan
Release Date - 24th December 2010
Song - Sheila Ki Jawani

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nh7 Weekender | India's first Indie Music Festival

Past weekend what India (to be specific -- Pune) experienced was something quite unexpected for an average dude who attends concerts or gigs in India. The Nh7 Weekender Festival/Party was the brainchild of India-based Only Music Louder and two UK-based industry bigwigs, festival organiser Martin Elbourne (Glastonbury, The Great Escape and Lovebox are some of the fests he’s worked on) and artist manager Stephen Budd. From the sound, lights and visual backdrops on stage to the security arrangements on the ground, everything was executed as smoothly and painlessly as it is at festivals abroad. It truly set the mood for the weekend.

The organisers also made an effort to give each of the three outdoor stages—there was one each for rock, electronica and folk/fusion—a distinct vibe. There was the wall of cassette tapes at the bar for the Bacardi Black rock stage; the white-sheeted gaddas at the Dewarists (folk fusion) stage; and the giant disco balls at the entrance of the Eristoff Wolves Den (for electronica).

The event was not only about attracting a typical niche crowd but also the youth who believes in Independent Indian music -- be it rock or alternative or electronica or dubstep or new age -- the performers were fully amped to give intimate performances.

The vibe got better when Susheela Raman & her band were requested by MASI after the concert got over to do a song 'Yeh Mera Diwana Pan' from the movie The Namesake. Susheela immediately agreed and started singing with her band. After few minutes when the crowd didn't exactly knew what was going on we were joined by Indian Ocean who sparked off a great jugalbundi. The music was generously provided by Aref Durvesh on tabla, Tom on guitar, Kutle Khan & Georgie Pope.

To name a few bands which MASI got to attend were -- Susheela Raman, Shaair + Func, Faridkhot (pakistani band), Asian Dub Foundation, Indian Ocean, Lounge Piranha., Tempo Tantrick, Raghu Dixit Project, & Swarathma.

Enjoy the music from the EPIC WEEKEND!

Text - MASI
Sources - Mumbai &
Picture courtesy - NH7

Monday, December 6, 2010

Love In India | Indian Documentary

Love in India is a volatile story of love and sex, confusion, dichotomy and revelation portrayed through the lives of the couple Rii and Q, compared to the immortal couple of Radha and Krishna. A story of repressed moral values in a country with a timeless tradition of spiritual sexuality.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Manu Joseph Vs Barkha Dutt | NDTV

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