Friday, December 17, 2010

Nh7 Weekender | India's first Indie Music Festival

Past weekend what India (to be specific -- Pune) experienced was something quite unexpected for an average dude who attends concerts or gigs in India. The Nh7 Weekender Festival/Party was the brainchild of India-based Only Music Louder and two UK-based industry bigwigs, festival organiser Martin Elbourne (Glastonbury, The Great Escape and Lovebox are some of the fests he’s worked on) and artist manager Stephen Budd. From the sound, lights and visual backdrops on stage to the security arrangements on the ground, everything was executed as smoothly and painlessly as it is at festivals abroad. It truly set the mood for the weekend.

The organisers also made an effort to give each of the three outdoor stages—there was one each for rock, electronica and folk/fusion—a distinct vibe. There was the wall of cassette tapes at the bar for the Bacardi Black rock stage; the white-sheeted gaddas at the Dewarists (folk fusion) stage; and the giant disco balls at the entrance of the Eristoff Wolves Den (for electronica).

The event was not only about attracting a typical niche crowd but also the youth who believes in Independent Indian music -- be it rock or alternative or electronica or dubstep or new age -- the performers were fully amped to give intimate performances.

The vibe got better when Susheela Raman & her band were requested by MASI after the concert got over to do a song 'Yeh Mera Diwana Pan' from the movie The Namesake. Susheela immediately agreed and started singing with her band. After few minutes when the crowd didn't exactly knew what was going on we were joined by Indian Ocean who sparked off a great jugalbundi. The music was generously provided by Aref Durvesh on tabla, Tom on guitar, Kutle Khan & Georgie Pope.

To name a few bands which MASI got to attend were -- Susheela Raman, Shaair + Func, Faridkhot (pakistani band), Asian Dub Foundation, Indian Ocean, Lounge Piranha., Tempo Tantrick, Raghu Dixit Project, & Swarathma.

Enjoy the music from the EPIC WEEKEND!

Text - MASI
Sources - Mumbai &
Picture courtesy - NH7

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