Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shaa'ir + Func | Indian Electronica Band

Arguably the most commercially successful indie bands in India right now, Shaa’ir + func are certainly on their way to being the most prolific. Formed officially in 2007, Shaa’ir + func, commonly known as S+F, have already garnered recognition as VH1’s top emerging artists of 2007, best independent artists of 2008 (VH1), nominations from the AVIMA foundation as Best Dance Act in South-East Asia in 2009, and recognition from the Jack Daniel Rock Awards for best female front-woman of a band.

In three years, whilst actively touring throughout India, the UK, and the East coast of the US, S+F wrote and released two commercially successful albums, New Day: The Love Album, and Light Tribe, and are currently in the final mixing stages of their third record, Mantis due to release this March. Their music includes a heavy dose of experimentation within the popular and cutting edge genres of dance/electronic/and rock music, while retaining a world pop accessibility.


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