Sunday, January 20, 2013

Luminous Matter | at Studio X (Jan 25th, 2013)

Dystopia and Urban Imagination  (21st to 25th January 2013), Studio X, Bombay.

Luminous Matter is stunning steampunk stop motion in which two species of luminescent insectoid creatures must find each other and in a dark dystopian world. They scuttle around in the mechanical darkness bearing a unique luminous character that unites them and will enable them to evolve.

“Science Fiction film has always presented us with extraordinary images of our living environments whether traveling to the past, present or future. In this series of film screenings we explore the dialectic between contemporary urbanity and the seemingly disparate or frighteningly real images that these films present in terms of their conceptual representation of urban life. On the last day, there will be a film screening of Luminous Matter along with an interactive session discussing the intersections between the science fiction film genre and the urban condition.”


                                          A still from Luminous Matter.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Ska Vengers | album launch

I make my way to Cheri on a very cold Saturday night in Delhi where Ska Vengers is scheduled to launch their very first album. I check my name at the guestlist however the host informs me that they can't seem to find my name on the list. The host at the door seems confused and contacts the manager who comes to main entrance and tries to go through the list again and looks puzzled as well. Suddenly, I see a tall man with a fedora cap and a cream trench coat exiting the gate of Cheri with a beautiful lady. As I try to make an eye contact I recognise Taru Dadlani alias Delhi Sultanate alias one part of Ska Vengers. He instantly greets me with a broad smile and puts my name on the list and suggests me to catch a drink before he meets for a quick interview. I make my way inside Cheri which was lit up in beautiful red halogens...something close to theme and colour of Ska Vengers album. I see a cap placed on the microphone, some reggaeton playing in the background, and few ska music lovers patiently waiting for the gig to start. 

I had obviously arrived early for a Delhi event and gig still had sometime before it could pick up momentum and get the vibe set for the rest of the evening. I get a glass of old monk - the cheapest on the menu at Cheri's beautiful outdoor bar and score a seat to sit down at a small reserved table. I spend time thinking what to ask Delhi Sultanate who had already given a very in-depth interview with Motherland recently. From his early years to influences to struggle, family and performing live at unconventional venues and his Indian / Delhi connection. From that interview I learnt that he is half German and half Indian and now lives and works in Delhi also where his studio is now based. I suddenly decide I shouldn't be interviewing him since I already knew a lot about his music and projects. Instead, we spoke as if we were friends meeting for a drink and some conversations on recent protests at India Gate. Since, I found Taru a bit nervous and also anxious to perform I decided to write this post in a very casual manner and cover the event using the PR's press release. 

Here it goes....... STEFAN KAYE, SKA VENGERS - This is a special moment for me as well as all my band members, as we launched our debut album. I appreciate Cheri to give us this platform, Cheri is the ideal setting and place we were looking for the launch in Delhi."

New Delhi, 24th December, 2012:  The much awaited debut LP launch of the Skavengers took place at CHERI in the Capital on Saturday Night. The electrifying evening saw the country’s most energetic 8 piece band known for creating an electrifying atmosphere by setting the place on Fire ‘SKA’ style accompanied by the Reggage Rajah’s and Bass Foundation.

The exclusive Live set and performance by the troupe led by Miss Samara C. on (Vocals) , Delhi Sultanate (Vocals) , Stefan Flexi K on the (Organ/Vocals), Raghav Diggy Dang (Guitar) , Tony 'Bass' Guinard (Bass) , Rie Ona (Saxophone) , Yohei Sato (Trombone) were joined by the new addition to their brass section; the talented Shirīsh Malhotra, who made his debut with the bandon baritone sax saw the music enthusiasts of Delhi sway and dance way to the eclectic mix of Drum and Bass, Jazz, and a touch of Electronic with a Ska styled twist.

The Album launch and Live performance at Cheri kick started the groups India LP Tour as well. They will thereafter go on to Mumbai and Sunburn Festival, Goa with their Debut LP.

Photos: Abhinit 

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