Sunday, January 20, 2013

Luminous Matter | at Studio X (Jan 25th, 2013)

Dystopia and Urban Imagination  (21st to 25th January 2013), Studio X, Bombay.

Luminous Matter is stunning steampunk stop motion in which two species of luminescent insectoid creatures must find each other and in a dark dystopian world. They scuttle around in the mechanical darkness bearing a unique luminous character that unites them and will enable them to evolve.

“Science Fiction film has always presented us with extraordinary images of our living environments whether traveling to the past, present or future. In this series of film screenings we explore the dialectic between contemporary urbanity and the seemingly disparate or frighteningly real images that these films present in terms of their conceptual representation of urban life. On the last day, there will be a film screening of Luminous Matter along with an interactive session discussing the intersections between the science fiction film genre and the urban condition.”


                                          A still from Luminous Matter.

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