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Lagaan | The Rain Song

From the critically acclaimed movie Lagaan comes a song dedicated to the long awaited rains in a village.
The movie was also nominated in 2002 for the best foreign language film at the Academy Award nominations ceremony.

India is a country which celebrates not just festivals but the arrival of rains, harvest, & ofcourse arts!
Cheers to....
Incredible India!

Kipling's Bombay | Poem

Rudyard Kipling was born during the British Raj, in Bombay, India. This is a poem he wrote as an homage to our wonderful city.


To The City Of Bombay

The Cities are full of pride,
Challenging each to each --
This from her mountain-side,
That from her burthened beach.

They count their ships full tale --
Their corn and oil and wine,
Derrick and loom and bale,
And rampart's gun-flecked line;
City by City they hail:
"Hast aught to match with mine?"

And the men that breed from them
They traffic up and down,
But cling to their cities' hem
As a child to their mother's gown.

When they talk with the stranger bands,
Dazed and newly alone;
When they walk in the stranger lands,
By roaring streets unknown;
Blessing her where she stands
For strength above their own.

(On high to hold her fame
That stands all fame beyond,
By oath to back the same,
Most faithful-foolish-fond;
Making her mere-breathed name
Their bond upon their bond.)

So thank I God my birth
Fell not in isles aside --
Waste headlands of the earth,
Or warring tribes untried --
But that she lent me worth
And gave me right to pride.

Surely in toil or fray
Under an alien sky,
Comfort it is to say:
"Of no mean city am I!"

(Neither by service nor fee
Come I to mine estate --
Mother of Cities to me,
For I was born in her gate,
Between the palms and the sea,
Where the world-end steamers wait.)

Now for this debt I owe,
And for her far-borne cheer
Must I make haste and go
With tribute to her pier.

And she shall touch and remit
After the use of kings
(Orderly, ancient, fit)
My deep-sea plunderings,
And purchase in all lands.
And this we do for a sign
Her power is over mine,
And mine I hold at her hands!

- Rudyard Kipling

Malabar Point, Bombay, 1865

Monday, May 24, 2010

Arundhati Roy: On Maoists in India | CNN

Sunday, May 23, 2010

BLOWUP BOMBAY | Street Exhibition of Photographs

Street Exhibition seems to be the new phenomenon in India these days... but curating it efficiently, economically and placing it in the contemporary scene is commendable. Last evening turned out to be one of the best experience one could ask for in a city like Bombay... Blindboys organized a street exhibition showcasing the work of young photographers as well as invited photographers like Bharat Sikka.

The exhibition did not have a set theme but what was common among various photographers work was the recurring theme of life in the megalopolis - Bombay. Some other works consisted of abstract, personal, travel, & landscapes.

From interesting portraits of elderly people by Kapil Das to portraits of hip urban kids in India by Akshay Mahajan, one could feel an adrenaline rush to explore young talent right in the middle of the street. Though it said street exhibition it was actually curated in a quaint neighbourhood lane of Bandra.

About is a photocommune which explores various methods and platforms to share new photographic work from India and the rest of Asia. It uses the internet and social media we help you take your pictures, design an improvised exhibition where everyone is invited to come and display their work on the streets together with other photographers. Over the last 6 months blindboys has organised 3 blowups in Bangalore, Paris and Delhi - displaying works from over 25 photographers and 2500 pictures.

Photos & Text - Abhinit Khanna, 2010 ©

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Air India Dubai - Manglore Plane Crashes, 160 dead | Worse crash in over decade

At least 158 people are feared dead after a passenger jet overshot a runway, crashed into a valley and burst into flames in southern India on Saturday morning, officials said.

Eight of the 166 people on board Air India Flight IX-812 were taken to hospitals after the crash outside Mangalore International Airport, the airline's director told reporters.

The Boeing 737 took off from Dubai and crashed while trying to make its scheduled landing in Mangalore at 6:30 a.m. Saturday (9 p.m. ET Friday), Air India Director Anup Srivastava said.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

R.D. Burman | The Legend

R.D. was assitant to his father in this film and he has used his skills to create this wonderful piece of music with himself playing the harmonica.

Bandit Queen | Bombay-walli

The enigmatic legend of Bandit Queen

Bandit Queen could be 20 or a 1000.
Legends and stories that tell of her lives and adventures are many.

Limitless lives escaping from conformity. Some say that she was born in the
15th Century in a castle in Bavaria and that she was burnt at the stake,
others claim that she was the daughter of an Indian Thakur and that she could have known the Enlightenment in Europe.
You can find her in certain Russian books from the 30s that talk of her incomparable skill for entertaining… As a phoenix, she rises from the ashes.

Bandit Queen

556 N M Joshi Marg
Alco Mill Compound,
Byculla (West)
Mumbai - 400011

Please call to make an appointment
+91 22 2301 8760

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