Sunday, May 23, 2010

BLOWUP BOMBAY | Street Exhibition of Photographs

Street Exhibition seems to be the new phenomenon in India these days... but curating it efficiently, economically and placing it in the contemporary scene is commendable. Last evening turned out to be one of the best experience one could ask for in a city like Bombay... Blindboys organized a street exhibition showcasing the work of young photographers as well as invited photographers like Bharat Sikka.

The exhibition did not have a set theme but what was common among various photographers work was the recurring theme of life in the megalopolis - Bombay. Some other works consisted of abstract, personal, travel, & landscapes.

From interesting portraits of elderly people by Kapil Das to portraits of hip urban kids in India by Akshay Mahajan, one could feel an adrenaline rush to explore young talent right in the middle of the street. Though it said street exhibition it was actually curated in a quaint neighbourhood lane of Bandra.

About is a photocommune which explores various methods and platforms to share new photographic work from India and the rest of Asia. It uses the internet and social media we help you take your pictures, design an improvised exhibition where everyone is invited to come and display their work on the streets together with other photographers. Over the last 6 months blindboys has organised 3 blowups in Bangalore, Paris and Delhi - displaying works from over 25 photographers and 2500 pictures.

Photos & Text - Abhinit Khanna, 2010 ©


JPK said...

Good one!

dilip said...

Thanks Abhinit for blogging about the event.

Abhinit Khanna said...

Hey guys! thanks a bunch for leaving your comments behind... really appreciate it & glad you enjoyed it! Please keep in touch with MASI! Keep up the good work... Cheers!

StaggerLee said...

I like the display strategy and the effect of photo-prints and printed matter on the old walls. Intervention of spraypaint also very fresh.

Wish I could've been there.

A similar strategy may need to be employed in NYC in the coming summertime, yes?

More to come your way from Manhattan, from Brooklyn. Making some moves...

by Priya said...

Very nice Abhi! Even though there is so much beauty and art in India it is rarely recorded and broad cast internationally. Good Job!

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