Friday, July 24, 2009

FICA organization

FICA encourages, promotes and supports innovative work in the dynamic field of the visual arts. We believe that public programming can benefit all those participating in the making of contemporary Indian art, its practice and reception.

In the first year, we are moving towards our goals and building credibility with our stakeholders – the artist community, art historians, critics, gallery owners, art collectors and enthusiasts. We are working towards establishing a contemporary art museum in

New Delhi by 2010, which will host regular art events, educational programs and special exhibitions. We are also building an archive of Indian contemporary artists that will be made available to the public.

FICA will support educational activities, research & art grants, and public art projects. Our infrastructure will include a working exhibition space and facilities to host educational programs. We believe strongly in cultural programming for children and will sponsor regular workshops for children.

Our desire is to be perceived as
an organization with the energy and potential to grow. We are committed to making contemporary art accessible, increasing greater interaction amongst art institutions and the public, and generating art philanthropy.


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