Friday, July 31, 2009

Grafik Magazine

Grafik—the UK’s most exciting magazine for the creative and graphic design industries

Grafik is an independently published magazine based in London. It delivers a monthly dose of essential information, independent-minded editorial, the best and newest design work from around the world, unflinching reviews and outspoken opinion from industry personalities.

Every issue of Grafik features an in-depth twelve page profile (so far this year it has featured Fraser Muggeridge, Alan Aldridge, Hudson Powell, Ich& Kar and Studio8), two up-and-coming new designers and photographers in the Talent section, and a twenty-page special report. This year’s special reports have included an A-Z of illustration, Defining Moments in Type, Graphic Design Heroines, Photography, Editorial Design, Art and Music. All this, plus regular features such as Roughs, Showcase, Letterform, Logoform and Viewpoint.

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