Friday, July 17, 2009

The Hunt for the Next Global Indian Currency Symbol

Ishan Kholsa, an Indian Design company had submitted the new symbol for representing the Indian Rupee. He describes it as "a representation of India as a global financial power as well as a great source of culture and knowledge in the world. In this symbol, the transition of the English “R” into the Devanagari.

The symbol is a bold contemporary look, that is both strong and stylish and that can work in the financial markets as well as
on various media such as websites, mobile phones and print. The strong parallel lines not only unify the R with other currency symbols such as the Dollar, the Yen and the Euro, but the upward arrow created by the 3 lines signifies growth. The “tripod” created by the 3 lines also connote stability. Thus this symbol represents the hallmark of the modern Indian economy — growth and stability combined, which is something every currency stives for.


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