Sunday, October 25, 2009

Indian Design Edge Book

Breaking the glass ceiling of existing perceptions and mindset about Indian design, Dr Darlie Koshy, an internationally acclaimed design management expert, in Indian Design Edge, attempts to trace and touch upon the evolution and growth of Indian design which makes it possible for design to add and realize value and to create brands in the new age economy.

This book is a step towards creating a vision for India to assume leadership in the world of design. Indian Design Edge has a ‘hands on, minds on’ approach emanating from years of experience as an academic leader, researcher, top manager, consultant and, above all, an innovative thinker.

There are illustrative design case studies, historical milestones, policy perspectives, industry insights and scenario analyses inspiring the reader to explore, discover and unleash the power of Indian design for success and growth.

Foreword by Ratan Tata.

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