Monday, November 16, 2009

Conceptual Photography | Martin Bogren

Published by Journal, a small publisher in Stockholm, in a first edition of just 1,200 copies, Martin Bogren's Ocean (2008) is the photographic equivalent of a great short story: 16 black-and-white images of a group of Indian men frolicking in the sea.

Bogren's introduction tells you all you need to know. "There is no sea in Rajasthan. The journey from the inner [sic] of India took almost one day and a night. Thousand miles on lousy roads. The bus arrived an hour ago. A new day breaks over the Indian Ocean. It is the first time they touch the sea."


Martin Bogren lives in south of Sweden. His work is concentrated to
documentary / personal photography and he has been exhibited in
Sweden and in France recent years. He started up in the early
90s - first as a young musician, but he soon started to photograph
other bands and concerts for local newspapers and later on for
magazines and record companys.

In 96 he published his
first book - The Cardigans - Been it (Tidens Forlag), based on his
tour photographs with the band.

The book ”Ocean” was released
by Journal in 2008 and is now exhibited at
the Stockholm Kulturhus and at Dunkers Kulturhus in Sweden..
Lately Martin has won recognitions with silver in
Sony World Photography Awards and with upcoming exhibithions
in Warsaw and Portland during 2009.


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