Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sidewalk Photo Exhibition | Bombay

Traveling to South Bombay (Town-side: Bombay lingo) is always fun & unexpected! One evening, I was shopping in Colaba and on my way back I spotted a sidewalk photo installation.

Apparently, Yann Arthus Bertrand, one of the pioneers of aerial photography was in the city and wanted to show Mumbaikars one of his most acclaimed projects titled Earth From Above.

This was a pleasant surprise as one doesn't see much public art shows in Bombay. The photo exhibition was curated well since it was displayed at the Marine Drive stretch.

Indeed, if I had the time I could spend hours surveying these large prints while smelling the Indian Ocean's salty breeze! But now all I can wish is for many more sidewalk/public art photo exhibitions throughout India and not just in the metropolitans!

Photos: Abhinit Khanna


by Priya Singh said...

Really good article Abhi! I love the roadside show....they are very Indian too. But this contemporary stuff is awesome.

Abhinit Khanna said...

Ironically, the mainstream media did not bother to cover this news so there you go... exclusive content on Media Awakening for you. Thanks & Stay Connected!

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