Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bant Singh | Word, Sound & Power

Bant Singh is a revolutionary singer in Punjab, India, whose 2 years old daughter was raped by upper caste men. When he sought justice, they cut of his limbs. But he can still sing, and in this video letter he expresses no self-pity. Film by SANJAY KAK

★ Word, Sound & Power ★

An attempt to showcase the legendary dalit icon Bant Singh and his songs of rebellion, inter-caste violence and equality. Bant Singh from Jabbar Village in Punjab is a legendary singer and activist of Kisan Mukti Morcha.

The Word, Sound & Power is a brave collaboration covering wide uncharted areas of music and socially harking issues - the mash-up of Electronic Beats and Sounds of Chris McGuinness and the erudite gangsta flow of Delhi Sultanate attempt to spread the message to urban masses via popular forms such as dancehall, dubstep, ragga and poetry.

The project also features a short film shot in Jabbar Village - filmed on location, by photographer Lakshman Anand. The film critically examines the need for the voices of dissent in todays capitalized urban society.

Also a deeper look into Bant Singhs background, his lyrical inspirations, 20 years of the unsung dalit struggle in Punjab, followed by the mash up of genres between Chris, Delhi Sultanate and Bant Singh. A bold attempt to fuse socially relevant issues and lyricism across two different languages.

The venture is directed by Samrat B a.k.a Audio Pervert. He contributes his electronic flavor with a remix as well.
The project is a joint collaboration between the above artists & The Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhawan New Delhi.

The launch of the film and music is scheduled mid September 2010.

★ Spread the message .. bring on the rebellion, stand up for the message via songs, via the folk & urban counter culture mix ★


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