Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bombay | by Play Clan

Play Clan had first entered the markets by launching their stores in the capital (Dilli) which finally made it to Dilliwallah's Dil (heart)... after a year or so they have now managed to enter Bombay-wallah's Bazaar! Play Clan (Bombay) was recently launched in the artsy neighbourhood of Bandra in a tiny hole in the wall space.

Play Clan's team have specially designed their merchandise such as bags, stationary, home decor, accessories etc keeping the Bombay as their theme. MASI recently got the opportunity to checkout the Bombay store and pick up some cool postcards over Diwali. The postcards which we picked were inspired by the city of Benaras where you could find the intricate details of our peaceful sadhu's trying to find the peace within the piece? -- Get it?

Concept note by Play Clan for Bombay:

What once came to King Charles II as dowry for marrying his Portuguese beloved and later leased by him to the east india company for the price of peanuts now belongs to everyone and no one in particular. Plant yourself at Cafe Leopold with a pint, watch life go by at Colaba (Shantaram style). See Pandu Hawaldaar perform his stick stunts to stun the localites and the globalites while the Mumbhai (local don) roams around scot-free. Watch the shopkeepers selling Gucc(h)i without pangs of guilt. Head towards the dock to catch bombil - bombay's speciality fish , do a koli jig as you shout out " o la la le e yo" to King of Good times- Vijay Malaya's super yacht Indian Empress. People with sleep disorders can then hit Insomnia- the 'chic'-est nightclub at Tata's Taj and then exit from the Gateway of India!

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