Wednesday, January 12, 2011

GAY + DESI = GAYSI | Indie Website

Gaysi Family was started to provide a voice and a safe space to desis who identify as LGBT. What began as a simple idea of sharing stories about what it meant to be gay and desi (gaysi!) has evolved into a space with multiple authors and multiple sections and traffic from around the world.

We, here at Gaysi Family, provide a forum for gaysis with something to say, whether it’s personal opinions, coming out stories, poems, erotic fiction, book reviews, movie reviews, event notices or anything at all that is related to being gaysi.

In addition, we also interview published authors, activists that work towards our cause and media personalities.

Our latest initiative, ‘Writer’s Bloc’, hopes to translate queer literature from various regional languages to English and from English to various regional languages.

We’re always looking for new writers and contributions. So get in touch with us (use the contact form) and have your voice heard!

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