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Stations of a Pause | Jitish Kallat | March 22nd, 2011

Jitish Kallat
Stations of a Pause
March 22 - May 10, 2011

After a gap of over three years since his last solo in Mumbai, Jitish Kallat will open a show at Chemould Prescott Road from 22nd March to 10th May 2011.

"Jitish Kallat’s new solo showcases the full range of his artistic practice; addressing the core themes of sustenance, survival and mortality in the contemporary urban environment, the show incorporates photography and large format paintings", says Shireen Gandhy of Chemould Prescott Road.

One of the key sections of the show at Chemould Prescott Road addresses a very personal story. Kallat’s 750-part photographic work, titled "Epilogue", tracing, his father's life through all the moons he saw from the day he was born on 2nd April 1936 to the day of his death on 2nd Dec 1998. Measuring his father's lifespan with the approximately 22,000 moons that he saw in the 63 years of his life; every moon is replaced with the image of a waxing or waning meal, marking the cycle of life itself as periodical rotations of fullness and emptiness.

Also part of the exhibition will be a new series of paintings, titled, Untitled (Stations of a Pause). A continued series of large scale paintings representing candid imagery of the ubiquitous Bombayite.

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Anonymous said...

its going to be really good...i love masi. i love the art of jitish kallat. cant wait to be there soon.

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