Saturday, July 23, 2011

SLUTWALK | coming soon to Bombay

After Delhi, its time for Bombay to show support for the 'SLUTWALK' checkout the video & HOLLA BACK! Its time for Bombay. Its time for India.

The official video of SlutWalk Delhi 2011 is an approach of conveying our demands to the society. For we believe that the system along with the people of India need a revelation and to do that we are presenting you a message. A message to inspire you. Greater is the sin of not speaking when a woman is being raped than that of raping her. How many times must we mind our own business when a woman is being harassed? Would we expect the same when it happens to our beloved ones? This video will answer all your questions. Also, it is not to propagate or advertise short clothes. A woman fully dressed in a salwar-kameez is as likely to get raped as the one in a mini-skirt. Stop and think. She needs your help because she is tired of being suppressed, tired of all that is unjust. So wake up. Indians the time is now. Speak, do.

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