Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Morning Show | at W+K Gallery, Delhi

Morning Show is an exhibition of Indian adult movie posters.

Traditional Bollywood posters have become cult design objects and are collected the world over. But there is a particular type of movie poster that is largely ignored and has an aesthetic of its own: adult movie posters. With a visual language that is at times daring, at times naïf, these posters echo the kitsch imagery of Indian movie posters – but they also represent sex, a subject that is particularly taboo in India despite its many religious manifestations.

An underground, thriving design form, adult movie posters address Indian culture's forbidden fantasies, bringing them to life through often bizarre titles and explicit visuals.

And while in the rest of the world Internet porn has killed adult movie cinema, in India it is still common to see groups of school students and men in shiny collar shirts and white suit-pants nonchalantly emerging from adult-only morning shows. In many cases, this represents the only form of eroticism in a situation where the joint family system makes a private life impossible.

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