Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3d Projection on India Gate*

*Ofcourse, sponsored by a German company (Volkswagen) "Think Blue" and supported by Incredible India!
It makes me angry that a German automaker gets to put their logos on such a monumental and important part of our history. While Indian artists who would probably never get a chance to install public art inside/around it.

I refuse to think blue.


Anonymous said...


the Clean India Campaign was sponsored by VW surely, but for their "Think Blue" innitiative, and also for the fact that we, Truely Indians believe in the "Atithi Devo bhava" - where guest is god, concept.
Which means, we value and cherish outside companies to help support and build OUR India and keep it clean -
i really dont see how tht upsets you. Be grateful that we could reach such a great number of Indians and show them a "Better, cleaner, future of India" - Support it, not fight it!

MASI Currently In said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MASI Currently In said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thanks so much for commenting. Good to know your counter points.

However, you are missing the point -- the whole idea of having an international sponsor it is bit bizzare. Why not involve national or local brands/ngo's to spread the very message to the 'great number of indians.' Its about giving a chance to more independent voices. Not loud speakers and corporations who already have a big voice in the media. Get it? A support or cause is only justifiable when you know the brand who is sponsoring is legit -- in this case it clearly isn't. It has a hidden agenda.

If this is supported by Clean India Campaign I don't understand why would you get Volkswagen to sponsor it which actually increases carbon footprints/pollution. Huge Paradox! or like my friend would say its Nu Paradox.

bad idea.



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