Thursday, March 22, 2012

Contemporary Artist in Bombay

The 4th edition of India Art Fair 2012 might have got mixed reviews in terms of sales, visitors, galleries, etc and more so with the fact that a lot of Indian galleries were trying to clear their dead stock from last year and that it was rather less exciting. However, MASI found an exciting piece of work that might have been missed by many.

The work was a photograph -- a self-portrait of the artist that was stamped with a date and city name in hindi font and then stacked at benches inside the exhibition. We decided to track down the artist.

Presenting Armando Miguelez Giambruno -- a world traveler/artist who now lives and works in Bombay.

Artist statement --

Aquí Ahora is a time stamp proof of participation, where I disseminate hand outs with the image of my face stating the time and place where the hand out is distributed. The piece is a succession of my own aging process, and a travelogue of my itinerant existence. This is a piece in progress, like much of my work regarding photography, the final piece will be the sum of all the small parts over the years.

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