Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Music Project : Adil and Vasundhara

Adil Manuel and Vasundhara Vidalur are a Jazz/Funk/Soul duo based in New Delhi. The duo got together in January 2009 and has put together numerous collaborative performances in India and abroad. Vasundhara sings Gospel, RnB , Funk, Jazz and Soul. Since 2004, she has staged over 70 concerts and a musical with Artistes Unlimited

Adil Manuel is an active musician in the Delhi circuit and a power-house guitarist. Adil has been playing professionally for over 10 years with bands like Asphyxia, MRP and Olio and the Rock Opera.

Adil and Vasundhara also spearhead a collaborative Jazz - RnB outfit Adil Manuel : GuitarsVasundhara Vidalur : VocalsSaurabh Suman : Bass

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