Tuesday, October 2, 2012

InfluencerCon | Bombay Chapter

Mumbai, India September 7, 2012 – The 2012 Influencer Conference (‘InfluencerCon’) will be held between 3–5 October simultaneously in New York City, London, Berlin, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and here in Mumbai at Studio X Mumbai 
InfluencerCon is the first of its kind global content platform that seeks to identify, understand and support influencer culture globally.
By bringing tastemakers and game-changers across industries and territories together, InfluencerCon establishes itself as the standard bearer for those who are pushing boundaries and innovating.
In Mumbai, The Influencer Conference will be held at Studio X Mumbai and features some exciting influential individuals such as Design Thinker, Sonia Manchanda; Head of Godrej India Culture Lab, Parmesh Shahani; Entreprenuer and Managing Director of DisneyUTV Digital, Vishal Gondal; Co-Founder of Greenlight Planet, Mayank Sekshsaria; Artist/Producer, Ma Faiza; and Author/Journalist Deepanjana Pal. Through the diversity of their backgrounds, speakers will showcase ways of breaking down traditional thinking, and ways of pushing boundaries to inspire innovation and meaningful change in line with the theme of this year’s conference. 

Organised around the sub-themes ‘Inspire’, ‘Disrupt’ and ‘Engage’, this year’s conference will be accompanied by various interactive activities throughout the duration catering to diverse tastes and interests, including a live art battle (Secret Wars, by Monorex), showcase of new local musicians and DJs (Check at the Door, by C@TD) as well as an Innovation Lab, and Idea Funhouse. 

InfluencerCon seeks to break down traditional “silo-ed” thinking and encourage cross functionality. Creativity, open and fair exchange, passion, collaboration and a commitment to rich and authentic experiences are critical elements of influencer culture.

More information on: www.influencercon.com

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