Monday, August 2, 2010

Renukaji in Delhi's taps | Documentary

Director: Kurush Canteenwala
Duration: 32 minutes

Kurush Canteenwalla’s documentary made as part of the Infochange Media Fellowship 2009 starts in thirsty Delhi and travels to the lush, green Renuka valley in Himachal Pradesh where families in 17 panchayats will be thrown off their fertile picture-postcard land to make way for the Renuka dam that will supply water to Delhi. Those living in the area –mostly farmers - point to the many crops they grow and from which they make a decent living, and ask what they can do and where they can go when their land is taken away. The documentary highlights the powerlessness of ordinary people in a democracy and skewed city development that has destroyed Delhi’s own water resources and causes it to prey on the resources of people 300 miles away.


The Kid said...

You have a great blog.

I have a question. You connect 3 places in your description "MANHATTAN - BOMBAY - LONDON". But how do you differentiate the content relevant to each place?

Once again. Very nice ideas. Great blog :)

MASI said...

Namaste! The Kid!

Glad you enjoy reading us and our collective. Your comment truly helps us bring the most interesting & relevant content available on the net for you!

As for your interesting question: these places are actually where MASI grew up and traveled across these cities. It is also these places which shaped MASI's ideas, thoughts, etc on Contemporary Indian Art & Culture! Thus we recently decided to change its LOCATION. We also believe that we are GYPSIES and that there shouldn't be just one single location that should compliment MASI. We want to be more GLOBAL and more accessible!

You could always e-mail us your thoughts, suggestions, ideas or join our facebook group or follow us on Twitter.


Best wishes,


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