Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There have been rumors in the air, about a certain conspiracy, which was born at dawn on September 1st inside THE ART LOFT. ACT has been the logo popping up here and there, teasing us all. In the past months, through a fascinating, energizing, creative and secretive journey, involving many night and day meetings, conspiracies and plans, we have arrived at the culmination point - an intriguing event in Bandra that will take you by surprise, and leave you on an artistic high!

THE ART CONSPIRACY, through 3 dramatic phases, is now poised to present to you art that is for us, by us and in us.

PHASE 1 saw The Art Loft sending out the ACT Signal to all artists spread across the city, the country, the globe for their best art works (photographs, paintings, installations, graphic arts, short-films, poetry, and live art) and got responses from over 350 conspirators.

PHASE 2 saw Anurag Kashyap, Brinda Miller, Jas Charanjiva, Mark Lapwood, Leila Tayebaly come together as the 'Art Inspectors' to select the art work that will be displayed.

We have been waiting for Phase 3 impatiently.

PHASE 3 will be THE ART CONSPIRACY FESTIVAL - spread over two days, across the trendiest spots in Bandra on Oct 23 & 24. Discover the winning art pieces at the venues, and get dazzled and dumbstruck by more than 40 live performers including Masumeh Makhija, Jas Charanjiva, Airport, Amar Muchhala, Ankuri Tewari, Nikhil D’Souza, Veronica Simas de Souza and many other talents!

This revolution urges you to come, feel, and be a part of an Art Masala of contemporary, original, and underground forms of art - Musical Graffiti, Live Fire, Belly Dancing, Live Painting, Heartbreak Hour, Film Screenings, Live Band performances, Tango, Secret Library, Anti-Fashion Show, Sensation Lab, Stand-up Comedy, Tarot Reading, Poetry Reading, Live Aquarium, in addition to the art exhibitions, conferences & workshops.

Free your mind, tease your curiosity and get entertained!

The Art Loft Team

Download the Schedule here.

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