Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Capital of Accumulation | Raqs Media Collective Debuts in Bombay

Press Release
Raqs Media Collective
The Capital of Accumulation
20 October – 20 November 2010

Project 88 and Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai are pleased to announce Raqs Media Collective’s first solo in Mumbai titled Capital of Accumulation.

The Capital of Accumulation is a two screen video installation that writes an oblique narrative of the relationship between metropolises and the world in counterpoint to Rosa Luxemburg's exceptional critique of global political economy - 'The Accumulation of Capital'. Raqs trawls through a haunting, dream like landscape straddling Warsaw, Berlin and Bombay/Mumbai to produce a diptych for video which is part natural history, part detective journal, part forensic analysis, part cosmopolitan urban investigation and part philosophical dialogue to offer a considered and personal reflection on the remaining possibilities for radical renewal in our times.

Raqs develops a combined economic, political, social and urban story that could have happened in 20th century Berlin, Mumbai and Warsaw, but is equally the story of the 21st century and all its cities. In the iteration of The Capital of Accumulation produced for the exhibition at Project 88, Raqs annotate the extant video installation with a series of images, assemblages and objects that complete the project. These are a series of photographs titled The Perpetual Recall of the Penultimate Afternoon which are an itinerary in the footsteps of Rosa Luxemberg's last days in Berlin, with a detour into the yard of the former Rosa Luxemburg Electric Light Bulb Factory in Warsaw. A record of the different addresses where Rosa Luxemburg lived in the days before she was assassinated, these photographs are studies and scenarios for sudden departures and fugitive entries - traces of places to pause and consider the accumulation of restless afternoons. Apart from these, the exhibition also consists of a light installation titled REVOLTAGE and another sculptural object titled Rules to be Invented which is a chess board that scales peaks. The pieces, knights and dice, climb up and down a terrain as uneven as history. Nothing is certain, and so, new rules wait to be invented. Raqs has also produced a set of frames with found and assembled objects titled Over Time that construct a weekly calendar of accumulation and endurance.

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